Our Mission

Provide great service at affordable price so anyone can afford to stream content using any mobile, desktop or television.

Our Recent History

We are a technology company with over 25 years of experience developing solutions for corporate entities around the globe.  Mainly USA, Canada, Mexico and Latin America.  The nodishnocable.com website  and our product line is developed  for those who elect to stream content using the internet instead of using cable, dish or satellite and settop boxes.  Our solutions are simple and easy to use.  Implemented using  branded,  quality and powerful hardware  to help keep up with your demands and growing streaming needs.  We also offer excellent support for each and every product we sell, service we deliver to your home or office.  Please contact us  with any questions or comments you may have.

This website is developed to help you consume your favorite content using Kodi streaming solution on  your favorite device at home, on the road or anywhere with a good WiFi access.

Our Marketing Strategy

Our marketing strategy is to provide quality service at reasonable price.

We only offer the most well known brand offered by manufacturers such as amazon, apple and others. These products have full manufacturer warranty.

Buying products and services from us is very simple. We offer PayPal, Visa, MasterCard as preferred method of payment. Bank deposit or transfer is also available however we prefer use of credit card or PayPal.

Most of our products are software based and can be installed immediately. Other products such as amazon fire stick or apple tv must be programmed and it may take up to 48hours before we can deliver them to your door. Please buy with confidence that your product will be fully configured and ready for use without any delay. Same day service is available in certain areas.


Our services include onsite installation (we deliver the product to your home and office) , training on how to use the product or service. Extended warranty protection.

Easy Payments

You are able to use PayPal, visa, master card or bank transfer for your payment method. Other payment method maybe available if needed.

Shopping Cart

Choose the product or service and place in shopping card and proceed to checkout. We have made the process simple.

Public Reviews

Your opinion matters and is very important to us. We value you as a customer and look forward to your feedback.

Worldwide Presence

Using web based support, we are able to support you at all time no matter where you are.

International Shipping

International shipping is not available. This service is designed to be local to your area. However software services can be shipped and installed anywhere in the world.

Fast Deliveries

Software services are delivered almost instantly and or at your desired time.  All iOS and Apple TV apps are loaded in our Download section for easy instant delivery.    However hardware purchases are either hand delivered or  pickuped by customer – Also available shipping via UPS and Fedex.  Cost is not included in your initial purchase unless you are repeat customer and familiar with our shipping standards.   International shipping is available per case basis.  You must place your order online in order to receive shipping international shipping pricing.  All products are shipped same or next day unless otherwise specified by our customer or purchase is made during the weekend.

Some good shipping information about Amazon Fire TV Stick and international shipping.   Best shipping costs is achieved by purchasing 3 (2lb weight) or 6 to achieve exact weight because UPS and Fedex they round up to the nearest lb.